Lamp Post Project

September 09, 2007 :: Sunday

Look. I am tired of trying to come up with a layout for this blasted site. So I decided to not even come up with one.

Not having a layout is a dumb reason for not writing.

The end.

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fixed the comments

October 10, 2007 :: Wednesday

I fixed the cute issue with the comments where it only lets the first person who comments have the privilege of actually getting their comment displayed.

Only I took down the comments for now because I'm getting too much spam.

K, I'm going to work out now. :)

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October 17, 2007 :: Wednesday

This is ugly. I am changing it.

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some stuff

October 30, 2007 :: Tuesday

So I fixed some things on the site on Sunday. Such things include:

*each post will display its category
*the about page is up
*the links page is up (feel free to send me interesting links to add)
*the archives page is up; you can view by month or category
*instead of displaying "1 comments" the pages will display "1 comment"
*you can now also type www.lamppostproject.com into your browser's address bar and get here *bows to applause*

So this layout looks amazing in Firefox and even better in Netscape, but it's still ugly in IE. Sorry. That's what you get.

I'm going to bake Halloween goodies now. If they come out well, I'll post pictures.

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I couldn't take it

December 04, 2007 :: Tuesday

No, I couldn't take it. I took down that horrible survey. Never again.

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site updates

December 15, 2007 :: Saturday

Well I've spiffed things up around here today. The most notable of changes is that I finally upgraded to XHTML which means this darling layout is now compatible with Internet Explorer. *bows to applause* But it STILL looks better in Firefox. That update is for people who shall remain nameless...but who like to buy me pink kitty staple-less staplers for Christmas...that's right, Glen has told me about your complaining!!! Tee hee. J/k! Thanks for my stapler. :)

Also, I've provided links at the bottom of this page to the W3C validators for XHTML and CSS. So you can validate my site if you want, and see that I made zero coding mistakes. :) Please don't try to validate the individual archive pages though...I don't wanna talk about it.

I plan next on getting rid of that horrible scrollbar on the archive pages. I know you all hate it. Let's not think about it for now.

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Fixed it

March 08, 2008 :: Saturday

So I got the urge to fix some problems around the site between the time span of last night and right now:
  • The comments are now displayed for proper readability: they are numbered, and I formatted the date and time so normal people can read them.
  • After you submit a comment, you now have the option of going straight back to the homepage, whereas before you were forced to view your comment. Haha.
  • AND I FIXED THE SCROLLING ISSUE. Yay. That scrollbar was so annoying, no? Go ahead, click on any of the pages under archives. Take December 2007, for example. No scrollbars inside the content!!! *everyone is so excited*
And that's it for now. There are some other annoying issues that still stand (you might notice that the footer has disappeared), but I need to get back to my homework.

David and I are going on a secret mission tonight.

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A small update

March 16, 2008 :: Sunday


I've been working on a new layout for the site, however, I usually do not state such things because it may very well be that I end up not publishing it at all.

Meanwhile, the refresh rate on my monitor is annoying me.

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New layout - Version 2.0!

March 23, 2008 :: Sunday

Well. I've finally made a new layout. It's been a long time coming, especially since the first layout didn't really count.

Anyway, I whipped this thing up over Spring Break. The colors are more in-line with something I would usually design (for some reason I hate using pink in my layouts), but I also noticed that the whole thing doesn't look very good on a laptop. Don't come here if you're on a laptop. Yet.

And now that I think about it, don't come here yet if you're using IE. I was a bad girl and haven't been checking compatibility as I went along. I don't think the image maps will work.

It also more strongly conforms to "normal" blogs, content-wise, which is what I was going for. (Note the sidebar stuff.)

Also, in case you were wondering, I never update my Flickr. ^^

So there are still some things that need tweaking (feel free to let me know if you find anything), but I figured I'd better go ahead and put this up before my busy schedule takes over my life. Otherwise it would never get done. :)

Anywho, it's time for bed. I have to get back to my regular sleep schedule.

Happy Easter!

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March 28, 2008 :: Friday

OBVIOUSLY I know this website is hard to read for some people and not completely intuitive in the aspect of functionality. OBVIOUSLY I know that some people don't use Firefox. And OBVIOUSLY I know that I am completely disregarding some major standards, preferences, and design principles.

But I do what I want! This is my website for crying out loud, and I do what I freaking want. OBVIOUSLY when I'm designing websites for other people I adhere to all standards and principles. I've been designing websites for nine years. Obviously I know these things.

But this is my website, a place where I can design things however I want to without regard for anyone's level of vision or level of intuition for navigation made out of stars. I don't care if you read this or not.

And don't make me post at 9pm on a Friday night again. Because why am I sitting at my computer at 9pm on a Friday night?

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A little consideration

July 09, 2008 :: Wednesday

I'm not as dedicated to this blog as I was to my past blogs. It shows in the quality and (lack of) frequency of my postings. I'm considering closing it.

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Lamp Post Project: Version 3.0!

September 07, 2008 :: Sunday

Remember that time that I said I was working on a new layout for the site? Well, this is it! Haha, it took forever (I put the project on hold for awhile), but I finally got inspired on Friday and finished it up last night.

It's very Fall-ish, which is weird for me, because I usually choose my color schemes regardless of the time of year. So this is kind of cool, I think.

This is my first layout using Photoshop, but really I only used it for the header image. Still, I loved Photoshop. As much as I tried not to.

I'm sure you'll notice that I added a few more features, like the "Your favorites" and "My favorites" sections. "Your favorites" are simply based on the number of comments that entry received, and "My favorites" are entries that I wish more people would have read.

Also, I'm happy to announce that for the first time, this (a new layout) is compatible with Firefox AND Internet Explorer at the same time! You're proud, right? :) It was quite a challenge, mind you. Effing nested div layers. ^^

So anyway, ignore the valid XHTML and valid CSS links down in the footer for awhile, because there are bound to be a few quirks here are there. Feel free to let me know if you find one. Or not. :)

I hope you like it!

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Bots invade, everyone is annoyed

December 07, 2008 :: Sunday

Good evening. I interrupt my study marathon to bring you the following message: please ignore the bots.

The bots have posted a billion (not literally, of course) comments on my posts, thereby skewing the likes of the "Your favorites" list over there to your right. Please ignore them until I have the time to delete them (sometime around next Saturday or Sunday).

Until then, this is me signing off saying, why do I have five finals?

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