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July 13, 2008 :: Sunday

I've been debating with myself for a little while over whether or not to blog about this. I finally decided that I should seeing as how it will probably (and hopefully) end up as a journey. And all journeys should be well-documented.

I am starting a web design business/company/whatever-you-want-to-call-it! Sound crazy?! To some people it may. But that's only when you tack on the word business or company to the end. I just want to help individuals and small companies establish a unique presence on the web with creative designs and professional quality code.

For the past couple of weeks I have been researching a million things about the web design industry and how to start your own company pertaining to it. One of the first things that I learned was that you should never start a business without a business plan. Ever. Like, never ever whatever amen.

So that's what I've been doing. Writing a business plan. Which I have to say is proving to be pretty darn helpful (and challenging). It forces you to sit down and think about all the ugly aspects of having your own business. And it helps you come to terms with reality. And establish prices. And figure out how you'll make people aware of your existence. And how to define yourself. And helps protect you legally by making you aware of copyright issues and contract related stuff.

So once I get nearer to completing my business plan, I will post some of the more useful links I've found and my own advice and what-not-to-do's when writing this daunting (to some) document. ^^

The process is long to starting a business. But I'm enjoying every second of it. And even if I don't get to the point where I actually launch a site and get real customers, it's a fun project in the meantime.

Also, this is not related to the earlier mentioned secret project. This is a different one. ^^

Posted by Amanda at 8:39 pm in web design

Proud to break the stereotype

November 07, 2008 :: Friday

I'm all about breaking stereotypes and surprising people. This could be one explanation for why I'm a female Computer Science major who plays video games and watches anime while enjoying fulfilling hobbies such as jogging, being super crafty, and baking things while I play my violin on commercial breaks.

So I make it a point to be a programmer who doesn't suck at web design. Check out this article from Stefano's Linotype: Why Programmers Suck at CSS Design.

P.S. I'm back.

Posted by Amanda at 11:18 am in web design

Gave my Twitter profile a makeover

July 15, 2010 :: Thursday

Twitter profile My new Twitter profile.

So I'm just, like, revamping my entire web presence. Twitter!!! Follow me. :)

Posted by Amanda at 6:57 pm in web design


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