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October 23, 2007 :: Tuesday

I was on my lunch break today and decided to look up stuff about video games on Wikipedia, as I've been playing Kingdom Hearts II lately, and I wanted to see if there were any other KH games out there. Well I searched for Kingdom Hearts, and you know Wikipedia, one thing led to another, and I found myself looking at the seventh generation handheld Nintendo gaming system (Nintendo DS) and I say to myself, "I wonder what the most popular game for the DS is." And this is what I'm presented with:


What the...? A freaking simulation dog game?!?! XBOX 360 and PSP have top-selling games like Halo 3 and GTA: Liberty City Stories (respectively), and I get dogs? I was expecting Pokemon Diamond/Pearl or something, not a waste of computer hardware about dogs.

I'm going to go buy this now.

Posted by Amanda at 6:46 pm in video games

Currently playing: Tales of Vesperia

September 05, 2008 :: Friday

Tales of Vesperia - Special Edition game box
Tales of Vesperia - Special Edition. Image credits.

Loving it. David and I are playing together, and although we've only got about twelve hours of playing time so far (it's like a sixty hour game), it is just SO GOOD. So good.

This is my first time playing a game from the Tales series. David has been a long time fan.

One class sits between me and the weekend. Then it's time for Tales!

Posted by Amanda at 9:21 am in video games


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