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Bee Mine?

May 01, 2008 :: Thursday

As probably not many of you know, I have my own indie shop called This Little Bird. I would give you the URL (oh wait, you can probably guess it), but don't try to go there because ugly stuff will happen. I haven't updated the shop in like, a year or something and my e-commerce software is outdated, and I probably need to reinstall the whole system. Anyway, it's missing crucial functions and stuff. Also, it's ugly. So don't do it. I shall let you know if/when it gets prettied up again.

That being said, I found a sketch for a greeting card that I was thinking about releasing around Valentine's Day a couple of years ago. IT'S SO CUTE. Look at how hard this little bee is trying to get you to say yes!

Bee Mine

Also, this card is really no indication of what my products are really like. I never actually released this for sale. I mostly focus on vintage-inspired paper products. Kthxbai.

Posted by Amanda at 10:05 pm in this little bird


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