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July 14, 2010 :: Wednesday

I finally got around to updating the layout for my academic portfolio, AmandaLLadd.com.

Amanda L Ladd

The previous, first, and ugly version (no need for a screen shot here, HA) was a result of the final project of my LCC 3401: Technical Writing class. Definitely the most useful thing that came out of that class.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to express my annoyance at the fact that the domain name I naturally went for (AmandaLadd.com, i.e. no middle initial) is taken by a model. That's right, a model. Go ahead, Google her. *huff*

Anyway, my academic portfolio basically serves as my online resume. It is literally just an expanded version of my resume, which is awesome because a surprising number of my interviewers commented on the fact that they visited the website listed at the top of my resume. :) I'm basically breaking the one page rule while showcasing my design skills! Hoorah!

I like the colors that I used. Unusual and fresh. Makes me want some mint ice cream. Now if I could just get around to putting up all my group projects, the website will be pretty much complete. :)

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