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September 16, 2007 :: Sunday

Everyone. Please look at this cake that my mom and sister made for my birthday. Oh, they know me too well.

Posted by Amanda at 8:11 pm in food

look at this

October 14, 2007 :: Sunday


LOOK at these. I made them last year (Sweta and Brittany helped, too) for UWAB's Fall Festival (which is coming up again soon). They're peanut butter eyeballs. Lots of peanut butter and sugar involved. I was just looking through old photos today, and I found this. Ew, just ignore the crappy picture quality. I wonder what I should make this year. Only I don't think we need anything for Fall Festival as it's going to be a masquerade or something (as last I heard), so I'll have to bring my treats to work. ^^

Anyway. I had a good weekend! Friday night David, Adrian, Mitch, Ma, and I all went to see Dat Phan, the original winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing. He was unexpectedly hilarious. I really liked him.

Saturday I spent the day at my dad's. We hung out and learned Linux together. We're such nerds!

Today I continued my nerdism by playing video games...ALL DAY. I have't done this in forever; it was so good. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts II. WHY is it so good?

So for anyone who was obsessively counting down until my 21-days-sans-chocolate was over (oh wait, that was only me), I am happy to announce that yesterday was day 21. I did it!!! Yaaaay. Here is a recount of all the terrible chocolate-temptation events I had to endure (but didn't give in to!):
-my leftover birthday cake sitting on my kitchen counter
-the extra cake that my mom baked for my birthday (for the family) in the fridge
-cupcakes that my mom baked
-everyone and their mom buying me reese's for my birthday ^^
-Spenser baking brownies and shoving them in my face
-I bought David a bag of Kit Kats, and I didn't even eat one
-Spenser telling me he bought me a present, then shoving a pint of Ben & Jerry's in my face
-my neighbor's birthday cake sitting on my counter
-Spenser baking more brownies and shoving them in my face
-INPO bake sale
-free stuff from INPO bake sale
-INPO October birthday cake (although there WAS fruit available this time, so that was nice)
-my mom making banana bread (I decided I shouldn't eat banana bread)
-the fugsicles that were in my dad's freezer
-the donuts that were sitting in our cabinet for a week
-oreos in the cabinet too

Anyway, there was other stuff too, the point is, I am constantly surrounded by chocolate and sweets. I can't believe I resisted.

Day 3 was by far the hardest. For anyone who's wondering, I broke my abstinence today with Starbuck's Java Chip Ice Cream. Because why is it so good.

Anyway, now that I did nothing all day, I'm going to go work out.

Ew, this post is ugly. Don't look at it.

Posted by Amanda at 7:56 pm in food


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