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February 08, 2008 :: Friday

So I'm in this organization called Intel Opportunity Scholars. Basically it provides undergraduate research opportunities to minorities at the College of Computing. So since I'm a girl and all they let me in. J/k, there was an interview process and stuff.

Anyway, we had our first meeting today, and although it isn't required this semester, I am accustom to blogging about our meetings as a way to track our progress.

So here we go.

Preface: Our research is in the field of game theory.

This semester we (my partner in crime, Terris, and my PhD candidate mentor, Jose) will be focusing on characterizing the way game review outlets review their games. Basically we're doing a content analysis of game reviews. We will be looking at these game reviews and critically analyzing them so we can get a sense of their common components. Our goal is to get to the point where we can say, "Game reviews primarily focus on graphics, then plot, then this, then that, etc." There is a general impression that game reviews focus too often on the artificial characteristics of a game such as graphics. We're not necessarily trying to prove or disprove anything. We're just looking to see what findings will emerge from our data. That's a fun thing, no?

The outlets we will be looking at are magazines and websites (because what else is there?). We have chosen IGN.com, GameSpot.com, EGM, and GameInformer as they are the top in their industries as far as web traffic and subscriptions go. Our method is as follows:

1. Gather data: First we will compile all the game reviews from these four game review avenues from January 2007 to December 2007. (We chose a one year time frame based on the fact that games are not evenly distributed throughout the year. They tend to get released most heavily around Christmas and at the beginning of the summer).

2. Preliminary analysis of data: We will then look at our compilation of reviews and decide which reviews we want to analyze, being careful to select a sample set with an even distribution of consoles, authors, etc.

3. Develop coding scheme: Lastly we will be extracting common categories from these articles and finding common components.

So that's that. Should be fun. I really like both Terris and Jose. :)

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Foundations of Digital Games 2009

May 04, 2009 :: Monday

Disney Wonder cruise ship

Let me just start out by saying that the conference was AWESOME. Omg, it was amazing to be constantly surrounded by intelligent discussions about games. On a cruise ship. It was my favorite thing, really.

Today marks the beginning of my last week of work for the semester. Most of the summer semester co-ops returned today, so we have about twice as many of us in the co-op room as usual. It's insane. That's like, fourteen of us. Quite distracting.

Tomorrow I'll have my end-of-semester performance review, Wednesday my boss will take me, Tyler, and Alex out for the end-of-semester co-op lunch at Maggiano's, Thursday Emily comes home (!!!), and Friday is just Friday. Saturday I'll be packing for Sunday, which is when I'll be moving back to campus. Classes start on Monday. I can't wait for a change of pace.

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