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July 12, 2010 :: Monday

Let's take a moment to reflect on what a nerd I am.

  • Obsession with manga? Check.
  • Obsession with anime? Check.
  • Unreasonable addiction to Hello Kitty things? Check.
  • Undying love for video games? Check.

Ummm, now let's combine all of the above into my most recent obsession which reinforces my nerdiness: Hello Kitty Online.

That's right, folks! A Hello Kitty MMORPG. Now before you get so excited and ask to join my guild, let me just show you these screen shots here:

HKO That's me and my pet monster. He's walking on water.

HKO This is what the Chainworms look like after you "stun" them. Don't worry, they're not dead. There is no killing in HKO. They will wake up in a few minutes.

HKO Um, this is my farm. And my newest pet.

Right? So good. And don't even start on the age thing. Plenty of people over the age of 11 are playing HKO.

It's fun and addictive. You go around "stunning" monsters and completing quests (which involve farming, cooking, forging, carpentering, plus more) for all the major Sanrio characters. The basic plot of the game is that some of the Sanrio characters all mysteriously fell asleep at the same time and nobody except your character can wake them up. The graphics are *so good*. As in, they are all pink and candy-ish. The cities you get to visit include London, Paris, New York, and Beijing.

Everyone needs to play. The end.

Posted by Amanda at 5:54 pm in HKO


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