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"Expect the unexpected"

September 04, 2008 :: Thursday

Sometimes in their lives, people do unexpected things. They do things that are out of character. They do things like give up chocolate for twenty-one days, join cross country even though they hate running, or sometimes they even -- join a sorority.

I know, I know! "But you don't like girls!" you say. "You have plenty of extracurriculars!" you say. "You're a fourth year!" you say.

I know all of these things. But I just wanted to do it. I can't explain why. I guess after all these years of being "one of the only girls" everywhere I go, I developed a longing to have some girl friends. And it will be easier this time because I'm not competing against any of them.

I would also like to add that the sorority I joined isn't one of the stereotypical ones that you see on TV or in movies like that one about a Bunny who goes to college to be a mom. What was it called? Anyway, Alpha Omega Epsilon is an Engineering (and Computer Science) sorority. We are a professional, philanthropic, and social sorority. Not purely social, please note.

Anyway. That is my news of the year. I went through recruitment last week (not the traditional rush though), got my bid Monday, and was initiated last night.

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At the soup kitchen

November 08, 2008 :: Saturday

This morning some of us AOE girls went to the St. Francis soup kitchen to serve soup to the homeless. :)

It was quite the experience guys, and I recommend that everyone do it at least once in your lifetime. It didn't make me as sad as I had expected, because all of our "customers" were so thankful to be receiving food and they even cleaned up after themselves and said thank you. I definitely felt needed and helpful.

At the beginning though, the guy who was in charge of everything (he had obviously been heading this up for a long time) gave a speech about how there was no color today in regards to us volunteers and that we were all brothers and sisters and that even though he was born at night and the lady standing next to him was born in the daytime they were brother and sister. Then we said the Lord's Prayer. Then the guy started grabbing the most "different" people out of the groups of volunteers to pair them up for the day. By "different" people I mean he paired one white and one black. I was paired with this sweet high school kid who had high hopes and wanted to be a "technical engineer" and go to Tech.

It was a good day.

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SWE Middle School Outreach

February 21, 2009 :: Saturday

Society of Women Engineers logo I'm putting this entry in the "AOE" category because I never would have participated in the SWE Middle School Outreach program if I had never joined AOE.

Twice a year, the Society of Women Engineers at Georgia Tech puts on a program called Middle School Outreach in which they bring one hundred middle school girls to Georgia Tech so that us women engineers (or computer scientists) can let them know that engineering is a wide open opportunity for them to pursue in their education.

I thought was just the most amazing idea because when I was in middle school I had no idea what an engineer was, and I'm all about getting more girls into engineering and technical sciences, so I jumped on the opportunity to help out. From 9:30am to 2:00pm today, the girls rotated through five different activities designed to expose them to different engineering fields.

Once such activity was the Steady Hand Game: designed to expose the girls to Electrical Engineering, the girls built a circuit using diagrams and circuit pieces to build a game like Operation where you have to steer a metal ring around a wire that is hooked up to the circuit without letting the ring touch the wire thus lighting up an LED. This was the activity I got to lead. It was so much fun listening to the girls ask such intelligent questions about the circuits. They were so interested in what we were doing.

The girls also got to make their own lip gloss, make their own silly putty, make balloons float, and do something involving marbles and paper towel rolls (not sure what that was).

During lunch we had a panel discussion where each of the volunteers explained their majors and what you can do with them. Then we opened up the floor to questions, and these girls had SUCH good questions and they had SO MANY. They were genuinely interested in learning more about engineering, and I was just like, where did you guys come from? And they were just so adorable. It was my favorite thing to do today.

Anyway, I just wanted to express how impressed I was by these girls. They were so sweet. After the program was over, I passed a couple of them walking down the street to find their ride. I didn't even have my name tag on anymore and they were like, "Thanks Miss Amanda, we had so much fun!"


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Working concessions

February 22, 2009 :: Sunday

Today I worked concessions at our GT baseball game with nine of my sisters as one of our fundraising activities (the other fundraising activity being Cheersport, the world's largest cheerleading and dance competition - please don't ask about my experience with that as I'm trying to block it out of my memory).

I had tons of fun today hanging out with some girls that I don't really know that well yet. I worked the fountain drinks, so by the end of the day my hands were sticky from soda syrup and my feet were somehow covered in nacho cheese (ok, not covered), but there were good times to be had just hanging out, listening to Jennifer's Disney ring tones, and dancing to each of the songs that our baseball players apparently get to choose for when they come up to bat. HA. So funny, some of those songs.

Anyway, now that I'm done with my obligatory activities for the weekend, I can work on finishing up our new website for AOE. I hope to have it finished by Wednesday. Look out for a preview within the next few days!

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Preview: AΩE Website

February 23, 2009 :: Monday

Sup. Although the website is almost finished (still waiting on some content), it's still not up to my perfectionist standards, so I thought it would be fun to post some images of its progress.

Top-half of the homepage. Yes, that is a picture slideshow, by popular demand.

Footer. This small picture of it is kind of useless, huh? We'll keep it for the
sake of completeness.

But grandma, what shiny navigation you have! Why yes! I created my very
own 2px by 50px gradient background!

The script for the navigation drop down was actually taken from Dynamic Drive.
I obviously didn't write it because, well, it throws a billion errors if you have
script debugging enabled in your browser. :)

Um yeah, I totally drew that dolphin using my
Wacom Graphire Wireless 6x8-inch tablet.

The footer! Do note the drop shadow.

So that's that. I'm pretty excited about it, and so is everyone else it seems. I'm actually more excited about coding the backend of it. I can't wait to do the members only section and give everyone their own LOGIN. ZOMG everyone is so excited.

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