Lamp Post Project
In which Amanda becomes a freelancer

November 26, 2008 :: Wednesday

Remember that time I was going to start a web design/development company? I got my first client today! :)

53 Luna Station
A billion thanks to Emily for referring me!

I am wicked excited!

Posted by Amanda at 3:47 pm in 53 Luna Station

Something functional

January 11, 2009 :: Sunday

(Somewhat) exciting news (for some people): 53LunaStation.com is officially up and running!

Screen shot of 53LunaStation.com

It's actually not my favorite thing to look at just yet, and I don't quite have the "warm fuzzies" as Kim would say, but I was in kind of a small hurry to get it up because my dad started recommending me to his peers. They've expressed interest in my services, so I figured I'd better at least get something functional up. I hope you all like it. I think the final version will end up look extremely different from this. And way better.

Posted by Amanda at 5:18 pm in 53 Luna Station


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